Cassia Siamia Technologies Pvt Ltd

Laboratory Shakers

Laboratory Shakers are typically used in biology and chemistry laboratories for mixing fluids. We are well-established as Laboratory Shakers Supplier in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Laboratory Shakers that we deal in are sourced from renowned manufacturers who can provide standard as well as customized solutions. Besides, the Laboratory Shakers are made from quality glass and plastic as well as comply with the requisite quality standards and norms.

Range Available :

  • Mini-shaker for immunology
  • Mini-rocker shaker
  • Sunflower Mini-shaker
  • Orbital Shaker
  • Multibio Orbital Shaker
  • Lab/Pilot Shaker Series Personal Models
  • Hybridization Chamber
  • Water Bath Shakers
  • Table Top Laboratory Rocker
  • Dry Heater / Heating Block
  • Tube Rotator
  • Bottle Rotator
  • Wrist Action Shaker
  • Roller Culture Apparatus
  • Bottle Rotator
  • Drum Microfuge Tube Rotator
  • Hybridization Chamber