Cassia Siamia Technologies Pvt Ltd

Electric Burner

Avail from us Electric Burner that comes with portable dual-channel and water jet aspirator pumps. We are a prominent name as Electric Burner Supplier in Andhra Pradesh, India. The VE-11 Electric Burner that we deal in forms a vacuum with the use of an aspirator pump dependent on vapor pressure of water, which is a function of temperature. Our specially designed Electric Burner is ideal for decompressing distillatory, vacuum filtering units, vacuum dryers, and rotary vacuum evaporators. 



  • Water tank and fitted circulating pump make this unit portable as well as reduce water waste.

  • Circulating pump constantly forces water gently across a set of aspirators, and hence remains clean and efficient.

  • Submerged parts : polypropylene silicone, type 304 stainless steel, and nickel-coated brass.

  • Included (2) metal aspirators for creating a vacuum with a fitted check valve for preventing backflow of water into aspiration pump.

  • Tank comes with a spigot and drain port for easy water changes.

  • Contrasting other vacuum pumps, the VE-11 can suck a little amount of solvent (water).



  • Included

    • Tank / Aspirating pump / Tank closure

    • Two aspirators

    • Two 6mm silicone rubber tube 20cm in length

    • Additional 6mm silicone rubber tune 100cm in length

  • Optional

    • Aspirators : nickel-coated brass along with inner ball as well as check valve to avert backflow of water.

    • Cooling coil : for preventing vacuum from lessening because of temperature increase.

    • Vacuum gauge / regulator : for monitoring and controlling vacuum pressure.